Who Are We?

Emersons Label is an Australian brand that creates minimal and high quality clothing a majority of women can utilize in their everyday lives. Pieces created by Emersons Label are made to be worn for day to day activities and throughout festive nights, giving you versatile comfort whether you're inside or out. Emersons Label is a label made for people who want to be subtle but care about detail.

How We Started

Have you ever felt sick of paying over-the-top prices to find high quality items in terms of material, thread-count and durability? Are you unable to tell which indie and off-shelf designers make high quality products suited for your taste? The creation of Emersons Label was inspired by similar events and aims to normalize lounge wear and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor clothing.

What's Next for Emersons Label?

Emersons Label will continue to partner and be featured in local businesses such as night clubs, photography studios, media and food/beverage stores. Stay tuned for more seasonal drops, re-stocks and news!